The European Beer Challenge™ is operated by the Largest Beverage Awards Organisation in the world including CWSA & Women’s Wine & Spirits Awards. The European Beer Challenge™ is Judged by Europe’s Leading Beer Buyers and offers brands and producers the opportunity to showcase their products to key influencers in the Beer market.

The European Beer Challenge™ is held annually in London. This strategic location puts the competition at the heart of the EU & UK which has seen an explosion of craft Breweries and continued growth in the Beer market with sales in 2018 up 2.6% on the previous year.

The competition brings together Europe’s leading Beer Buyers and top Beers from across the globe against the backdrop of the dynamic and strategically important EU & UK beer market. During the European Beer Challenge judging session each product is subjected to a rigorous blind tasting process which allows newcomers to compete fairly against the world’s leading brands.

Entry to the European Beer Challenge™ is open to Brewers from anywhere in the world and it is not necessary to already have representation in the EU or UK in order to enter your products. Winning at the European Beer Challenge™ is an excellent way for Breweries and brands seeking representation in the UK & EU to showcase their brews to World’s Leading Beer Buyers and make key connections to boost their sales and brand visibility.