Miller Lite Beer Creates Blockchain-Powered Edutainment Game​

The classic American beer Miller Lite has teamed up with Vatom Labs to create an “edutainment” game aimed at a new generation of young, tech-savvy beer drinkers.

Hunter Smith of Champion Brewing Company

Miller’s “Great Taste Trivia” game has been developed as part of the company’s Know Your Beer program aimed at educating and engaging consumers. Vatom Labs, which specialises in creating “SmartMedia objects” that work using Blockchain technology, has produced a 12-question quiz.

Consumers who correctly answer all 12 questions will receive a $5 prize paid to their Paypal account. Miller Lite expects to pay out tens of thousands of dollars during the campaign which will run until September.

Lucy Bloxam, Miller Lite’s Associate Marketing Manager

“We’ve been looking for new and innovative ways to reach drinkers in the bar, on-premise,” commented Lucy Bloxam, Miller Lite’s Associate Marketing Manager. 

“Today, brands are looking for innovative and new ways to activate and engage their existing customers and acquire new customers,” explained Tyler Moebius, Co-founder and CEO of Vatom Labs. 

“We have built a powerful brand activation platform that leverages a new blockchain-enabled SmartMedia object that is highly-programmable and able to deliver real tangible value from the brand to the consumer– like $5 to their PayPal account—that remains a simple mobile experience.”

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