The Beer Industry Embraces Growing Gluten Free Market​

As the gluten free market continues to gather pace globally, brewers and beer brands are embracing the potential of this exciting new market. 

Report Ocean projects a very impressive CAGR of 14.9% over the period 2019 to 2024 for the global gluten free beer market with the value of the market expected to hit USD 651.6 million at the end of 2023. This demand is expected to come from health conscious consumers and those with food intolerances and conditions like celiac disease.

Already well-developed in the U.S.A. and EuropeMordor Intelligence estimates the current market at 40 million consumers. As well as medical reasons for avoiding gluten, this group includes consumers who are interested in the unique properties of gluten free beer which include lower cholesterol levels, easier digestion, and lower fat content.

Gluten Free Beers are Booming

The rise of this market has drawn interest from big players like Doehler and DSM who have developed methods of producing gluten free beers from barley and wheat. Doehler has also worked hard to ensure gluten free beer has a very similar flavour profile to conventional beer to entice even more health-conscious consumers to give it a go. 

On a global scale, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the fastest-growing market for gluten free beers given that the region already accounts for around 36% of gluten free foods and beverages. China, in particular, is predicted to have a CAGR of 14% for gluten free products over 2018 to 2023.

The Glutenberg Range

One real success story in the industry is Glutenberg in Montreal, Canada which was launched in 2011. Founded by long-time friends David Cayer and Julien Niquet, the brewery only works with 100% gluten free raw ingredients which means all of their products are suitable for those with gluten intolerances.

The duo began with their popular Glutenberg Blonde and quickly expanded to produce a Pale Ale Américaine and Rousse. After winning medals for all three beers at the 2012 World Beer Cup, the brewery has enjoyed immense success and now exports 50% of its beers to the U.S.A.

The company now also produces a number of experimental seasonal beers and unusual gluten free options including Stouts and Double IPAs. Future expansion seems assured with a total of 10 brand ambassadors working across Canada and the United States to spread the word as the gluten free market continues to gather pace across the world.

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