Trappist Monks Use Ecommerce To Sell Beer

The monks of Saint-Sixtus abbey in Westvleteren in Belgium have started selling their beers online after discovering their beers have been re-sold at “vast profit margins” for hundreds of euros according to Reuters. Since the 19th century the monks have brewed limited quantities of beer to ensure that their holy duties are the monks’ main priority. 

However, as their beers have gained popularity across the world, the 19 monks have launched an online reservation system to stop large companies from re-selling their products for a hefty profit. 

The monks’ Westvleteren XII beer sells for €2.50 (£2.23) per bottle direct from the abbey, but some vendors have been selling the beer for as much as €12 per bottle in Brussels. 

The new system will regulate and limit beer purchases, ensuring that pricing remains fair for the loyal fans of their cult beers. Going forward consumers will only be able to purchase two crates of beer every 60 days with priority for allocation given to those who have been waiting longest.

The online reservation system allows consumers to choose between the abbey’s three beers, a blond, a dark 8% beer, and a dark 10% beer which are priced at €35, €40 and €45 per case of 24.

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