Two Namur beers win medal at European Beer Challenge

The Namur brewery won two medals for the “Houppe” and the “Legs in the air” at the European Beer Challenge in London.

Gold for the “Tupper” and silver for the “Legs in the air” respectively in the categories Belgian Ale Triple and Belgian Blonde Ale, is the harvest of the brewery of Namur at the London event . Hundreds of international beers were analyzed by a panel of experts in blind tests. The dress, the taste, the aromas are all criteria that allowed the two beers of Namur, among other Belgian breweries, to obtain these two medals: ” This is obviously always a pleasure, this is the first time we have participated. to this competition and this allows us to see that our product is appreciated by a more international panel that does not necessarily have the same tastes and habits as locally at the Namur and Belgian level , rejoices François Collard, one of the bosses of the Namur brewery We do not participate much in the competitions in general but it allows us to verify that we are always on the right track.It is an acknowledgment even if we do not have especially more international development at this stage to through this reward “.

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